About us

Created with the intention to help you slow down to experience handmade, natural and beautiful body care products that promote meaningful moments of self care. 
Our unique body care range has been developed by our certified cosmetic formulator Sandra ( & Mumma Bear), who has carefully selected each element to ensure every drop has been effectively formulated to create the perfect balance of ingredients that have the power to hydrate, revive and cleanse the skin. 
Our vision is to help you grow and flourish into the best version of yourself while prioritising your own wellbeing and self-care. We achieve this by providing you with natural and perfectly curated body care products that help you relax and experience meaningful moments of self connection. 
Liana & Sandra are the Mum and Daughter team behind Kalea Body. Liana has always had a passion for holistic and natural approach to our overall health and wellness and truly wants everybody, particularly women to feel empowered and confident in the beautiful image in which they were created. Sandra is Kalea Body's certified body care product developer & formulator. Incredibly creative, practical and passionate about enable everyone to experience natural body care products that are gentle, beneficial and hydrating to their skin and overall wellbeing. Together with their passions & skills combined, Liana & Sandra's mission is to help you slow down, relax and create self-care rituals that help you feel and be your very best.
You deserve it. 
With Gratitude